*tap* *tap*

Is this thing on? Right then. I’ll let Mick explain the unfortunate misunderstanding which resulted in our thankfully short [fingers crossed – Ed] absence.. should he wish to.. and normal service will resume as soon as we drag the rest of the crew out of teh pub *hic*

  • lonely pint

    good to see you up and running again.

    Did you forget to pay the rent, Mick?

  • Someone said to me this afternoon,

    “You look like you lost a relative”

    Blimey, did my Slugger withdrawl symptoms show that much?

    A day without reading Slugger is like a “Salad without watercress” to use the Dell Boy quote.

    Welcome back, opiate to the masses

  • Mark

    Thank God, you lads are back. I ended up reading some crap.

    Give us a *sheesh* Pete to make the world feel normal again.