Memorial vandalised

A memorial sculpture in memory of those who died in the Claudy atrocity, for which a Sinn Fein MLA was arrested nearly a year ago, has been vandalised over the weekend.

  • alpho

    Who ever is respoonsible for this outrage is nothing but S-c-u-m.
    Remember it was people who were going about their Legal & Lawful way of life who came off the worst.
    Memorials to all who were murdered by terrorists (orange or green, catholic or protestant) must be respected, and if not should be left alone.
    I hope Sinn Fein & DUP have made plans to set aside some of the £Billion for all the Innocent Victims of the conflict.

  • Glen Taisie

    The Sperrins surround it, the Faughan flows by
    At each end of Main Street the hills and the sky
    The small town of Claudy at ease in the sun
    Last July in the morning, a new day begun

    How peaceful and pretty, if the moment could stop
    McIlhenny is straightening things in his shop
    His wife is outside serving petrol and then
    A child takes a cloth to a big window-pane

    And McCloskey is taking the weight off his feet
    McClelland and Miller are sweeping the street
    Delivering milk at the Beaufort Hotel
    Young Temple’s enjoying his first job quite well

    And Mrs. McLaughlin is scrubbing her floor
    Artie Hone’s crossing the street to a door
    Mrs. Brown, looking around for her cat
    Goes off up an entry, what’s strange about that

    Not much, but before she comes back to the road
    The strange car parked outside her house will explode
    And all of the people I’ve mentioned outside
    Will be waiting to die or already have died

    An explosion too loud for your eardrums to bear
    Young children squealing like pigs in the square
    All faces chalk-white or streaked with bright red
    And the glass, and the dust, and the terrible dead

    For an old lady’s legs are blown off, and the head
    Of a man’s hanging open, and still he’s not dead
    He is shrieking for mercy while his son stands and stares
    And stares, and then suddenly – quick – disappears

    And Christ, little Katherine Aiken is dead
    Mrs. McLaughlin is pierced through the head
    Meanwhile to Dungiven the killers have gone
    And they’re finding it hard to get through on the phone

  • joeCanuck


    You just brought tears to my eyes.
    Who wrote it?

  • GavBelfast

    The composition is called the ‘Ballad of Claudy’, by James Simmons.

    A very heart-rending piece it is, too.

  • ach sure

    None of those craven civilians who thought it was OK to just get on with their lives understood the bigger Provisional picture…and how it was better that they died as they stood, worked, lived. A bigger game was at hand. And as long as the same people who sent these poor, poor innocents to their deaths can hold an approximation of power to their puffed up breasts, then those children’s blood wasn’t to waste. Nor that of the hunger strikers. Or the border prods. Or the Jean McConvilles. Or the Brits, especially their children in shopping streets. Ach sure, it was all for the best.