An enemy of the people…

Martin Lynch’s re-working of Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People was on Radio 3 last Sunday night. It’s a bit turgid to start with, with the odd accent slip and slightly off key plotting (and a wee bit preachy at times), but it is definately worth sticking with up to the inevitable turning point.


  • Doctor Who

    Yeah definately worth a listen.

    If you don´t mind the usual cliches, but if you are familiar with Lynch´s work you will be used to that.

    I did find however that it bore little resemblance to Ibsen´s original play. I was introduced to the play via the Arthur Miller version, which pays homage to the spirit of the origianl. Here though the connections would not have been made if it hadn´t been for Lynch´s preaching prior to the broadcast.

    Lynch says people like him step outside of their community to take observation. I disagree with him on this, to me he is totally submerged in it, constantly looking to apologise and legitamise why many in his community supported the provos. I do think he is at his most objectionable here when an active member starts to question her own beliefs, but like in “History of the troubles according to my da..” he never fully questions the people he writes about.

    Perhaps Martin should take a leaf out of Gary Mitchells book an see what it is actually like to question where you come from.

  • Garibaldy

    Doctor Who,

    Martin Lynch may be a lot of things, but never was an apologist for the Provos, or those who supported them.

  • Doctor Who


    If you read my post again.. I didn´t say he was, what I implied was that he celebrates the culture he comes from but very rarely questions it.

  • Doctor Who,

    Research is a wonderful thing and perhaps you should do a great deal bit more of it before making such accusations.

    Lynch’s politics are immersed in his early close links with The Workers Party in Belfast. I disagree fundamentally with many of his opinions, but at no stage was he ever shy in criticising the Provisional movement (whom i would support).