More blogging on that Myer’s book…

Cruiskeen Eile on Myers’ romp through seedy early seventies’ Belfast (they shamelessly celebrate their obsession with all things to do with “the Colonel”), and a wee haiku from Hughie Green, who thinks it might become a craze.


  • mickhall

    I realize sex is supposed to sell books, but what is this all about, very weird, the guy is not a gentleman for sure as he does like to boast about his conquests. what will the delightful Ruth think one wonders.

  • Brendan

    I reckon that Myers fella is losing whatever marbles he had by being stuck down in Abbey Street with the Independant proletariat. Once he heads back to the hallowed Irish Times he should settle down a bit.
    I remember seeing him last year on Pat Kenny’s ‘Late Late Show’ and he was almost in tears (because we wouldn’t buy his shitty books and/or rejoin the empire). Daily Ireland had a brilliant piece the next day about “his big chin going up and down like a fiddler’s elbow”. Fantastic !