Wake me early, I’ve got a Brit to kill….

Love him or loathe him, Irish cyberspace has not been the same since Kevin Myers abandoned his perennial post on the far right of the Irish Times op ed page. Since taking up his new position in the Irish Independent he has disappeared to those of us who prefer/can only get our news online. But he makes a temporary comeback with an extraordinary extract from his new book Watching the Door in yesterday’s Sunday Times: Here’s one segment to give you a flavour:

SEX was — by general Irish standards — extremely casual and often quite spontaneous at that time. It was offered as a reward to paramilitary leaders by young females, and it filled the wet, grey air.

One girl only came home with me on condition I set the alarm nice and early. Of course, I said, puzzled. It was still dark when the alarm went off and the girl rose and got dressed, kissed me goodbye, took her holdall and set off.

I bumped into her long afterwards and she told me there was a good reason why she got up when she did. The holdall was for the gun she was going to collect, and the man she and the rest of her IRA unit were intending to kill worked early shifts.

Happily for him he slept late that morning.