On line with policing

“SINN Fein leader Gerry Adams yesterday insisted that his party had already “come on line’’ with policing”, using the problems in Ballymurphy as an example:

Mr Adams said that the republican movement’s problem lay with “political policing’’ and that Sinn Fein “believes in law and order’’.
Mr Adams said yesterday that the disturbances had been caused by “two feuding gangs’’ and the “totally unacceptable’’ behaviour needs to stop.
“This is a problem which has been caused by two feuding gangs,” he said.
“Part of the difficulty is a lot of local people in Ballymurphy expect the IRA to sort it out and there’s no way the IRA can do that.
“I would like to make it clear that this can’t happen.”

Over to you, PSNI:

“We have carried out detailed investigations in relation to every crime which has been reported to us and we haven’t always had the support of the wider community in gathering evidence – that has been a problem in the Ballymurphy area,” Chief Superintendent David Boultwood said. “It is a very challenging one for us, but I’ve no doubt eventually we will bring it to a successful conclusion.”

A resident posts on Slugger:

its terrible that the devlin children have lost there father but must the fued go on? There r local kids destorying our community, why? the notarantonio family have went and r still going through enough. so people controll your children and leave this family in peace they are good people and they should be able to live in there homes. Our community needs peace. STOP all this evil. there are innocent people getting hurt.

Ballymurphy, once the cockpit of the Troubles. If real policing begins there under the PSNI, is that a fitting capstone to this era of the Troubles?