McDowell: Crisis over, nothing to see here

Just had this from reader Gabriel:

Just listening to the 1 o’clock news on NewsTalk, and it seems McDowell has just declared crisis over. He said that “damage has been done to the government”, but this scandal broke over events “that took place a long time ago”, and it’s time to fix the divisions and “get on with government”.

Hmmm… They also reported that the FF backbenchers are solid behind Bertie… I wonder if the Irish Times thinks its over…Colm Keena:

The solicitor who organised the “dig-out” for Taoiseach Bertie Ahern in 1993 also acted for the Manchester man who sold Mr Ahern his Drumcondra home. The late Gerard Brennan, who had a solicitor’s firm at 27 Upper Mount Street, acted for businessman Michael Wall when Mr Wall bought the house in March 1995. He also acted as solicitor for a number of years for two Irish companies owned by Mr Wall and which used Mr Brennan’s address as their registered office in the 1990s.

Mr Brennan was a close friend of Mr Ahern’s and acted as personal solicitor for him in the early 1990s. Along with the former Fianna Fáil fundraiser Des Richardson, he was involved in the raising of £22,500 for Mr Ahern, from eight donors, in and around Christmas 1993. He served on the board of Eircom from November 1992. Mr Brennan died in 1997.

Mr Ahern bought the Drumcondra house from Mr Wall in October 1997. Yesterday in the Dáil, Mr Ahern said he rented the house for two years, at full market rates, before buying it from Mr Wall at full market value. This indicates Mr Ahern moved into the house soon after it was purchased by Mr Wall.