Heating up the Irish blogging debate

Things are warming up on the media coverage of tomorrow’s Blogging Conference in Dublin. Cian and I had a fairly vigorous discussion on the Tubridy Show this morning. The discussion is the last item on the RTE site, or you can listen to the rough cut mp3 file. Don’t forget to book your place! Installment two is in about 20 minutes on Newstalk, featuring Guido and Cian.

Update: Looks like it’s been moved off the agenda by Bertiegate!The programme:

10:00-10:30 Registration

10:30: Opening of the event

10:50: Discussion on media and blogging and the influence of blog (Richard Delevan Business Editor of the Sunday Tribune and blogger will give the talk setting out the context)

11:30: Round table discussion from Irish politicians who blog

12:00: Guido Fawkes discusses blogging and how political bloggers in the UK are influencing opinion and policies.

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Simon McGarr (McGarr & Co.) talks about online libel

14:30: Antoin O Lachtain (DRI) talks about FOI

15:00: Breakout Sessions begin

17.00: Wrapup

There is no plenary. Instead we hope to start a conversation that will move, in the first instance to the Brazen Head pub next door to the Digital Hub and then online.


  • Calm down dear… it’s starting now.

  • Mick Fealty

    Sadly no Guido, but he will be there tomorrow, unmasked and in full glory. He looks remarkably like his characture!

  • Greenflag

    Mick ,

    Well done in getting your points across the on Tubridy show:)

    As regards Tubridy’s doubts about the impact of blogging in the real political world I’m reminded of the comment of an engineer at the the Advanced computing Systems Division of IBM in 1968 commenting on the micro chip .

    ‘But what is it good for ‘?

    or the memorable comment in the age of silent movies

    ‘Who the heck wants to hear actors talk ‘

    H.M Warner , Warner Brothers 1927.

    The Brazen Head a good choice for a brazen bunch 🙂

  • Mick missed a couple of points in dealing with this Tubridy fella.

    For years most of us have been screaming back at the telly and radios just wishing we had the chance to jam our boot heels down the throats of the feckless chosen few, like Mr. Tubridy, who the establishment has chosen to grace public the airwaves. The blog affords those of us in the great unwashed that chance to respond..

    A second point missing from Mick’s discussion is the fact checking aspect of blog commenting. Take the issue raised by Mr. Turbidity about the anonymity of blogging and anonymous commenters such as myself. The checking of facts exposes the fact that the “government” or “security service” or ‘highly placed source in NIO” reported in Mr. Tubridy’s straight media has played a much larger part in the media blitz than any anonymous blogger ever could. Christ, it’s not rocket science, Sluggiepoos.

    As for the rest of Mr. Tubridy’s misgivings, most were spot on as he, should he ever become computer literate, would soon find that for the most part bloggers are people with nothing to say writing for those with nothing to do.

  • Gonzo

    So what does that make the commenters?!

  • Greenflag

    Smilin Jim ,

    It’s early days yet to assess the political impact of ‘blogging’ or of the internet generally.

  • “So what does that make the commenters?!”

    He would say that wouldn’t he?

    Yer too full of yerself Gonzo-san, besides it’s all been said before.

    Now on the only serious plane I’ll ever occupy on Slugger, commenters are the only evidence to the outside world that bloggers are not just members of the nerd patrol but are sometimes read.

    Give me any more of your lip and I’ll make you dissapear.