Beritegate: silence at the top…

Things are not looking good for the Taoiseach, now a link between the £8,000 and the purchase of his house has been established. There is by all accounts a steely silence emerging between the Taoiseach’s office and that of the Tainiste.In


  • smcgiff

    The above link does not give any new information that wasn’t widely known for days now, but it does appear as if Big Mc is flinching. This is what I posted elsewhere…

    Big Mac – Staring down the Sun but Blinking at the Moon!

    What’s Big Mac thinking about? He’s allowed Bertie get away with putting himself into a compromising position, but willing to sacrifice 9 years of partnership over what seems to be an arm’s length price.

    If he pulls the PDs out of Government:-

    1. FF will remain in Power:

    2. He wont be able to attack government policy for the next nine months as he helped in creating most of it.

    3. He’d be pretty much ruling out a FF/PD government in only nine months time after the next general election.

    He’s leader for a wet week and couldn’t possibly do more to damage his party.

    While remaining minister for Health is there not some quiet spot with spongy walls and soft music Harney could send Big Mac for a little R&R – Preferably for the next nine months.

  • Greenflag

    ‘He’s leader for a wet week ‘

    And it’s been raining every day . He started down the cul de sac by overreacting to the leak business . There are a lot of covetous FF backbenchers looking at those PD Ministerial Mercs . With a few months to an election becoming ‘appointed’ a Minister would certainly help with the votes ?

    The PD’s are not in a strong position . Not a good idea to make a threat if by carrying it out you ensure your own demise?

    When the sun rises Monday morning -I expect Bertie will still be smiling and the FF/PD will carry on to complete the Governments term . At least I hope so .

    Now is not the time for an election and Bertie knows it . He needs that Budget and a comprehensive program of government for the next term to make assurance doubly sure for an election victory .

  • kloot

    Press Conference from the PD’s in the next 10 mins. So more to come.

  • Brian Boru

    McDowell now saying at PD function the damage to the govt can be repaired. Private FF polls showing strong support for Bertie.

  • smcgiff

    That’s it Michael, deep breaths. Now, back in your box you go.

  • The message for the people of Ireland from their political leaders is clear.

    You have had a brief look at the underhanded dealings of govt from the top down, enough now, away with you, get back in your box and wait until you are summoned to vote.

    The distain for the people by those in public office is staggering.