Derry’s Duddy IBA’s World Middleweight Champ

All that sledgehammer training pays off as Derry-born pugilist John Duddy wins IBA World middleweight title in a unanimous points decision against Yori Boy Campas last night in NY’s Madison Square Gardens, despite being cut above both eyes in the second round.

  • Yokel

    Well done to him but sadly this looks as far as he is going to get in class level based on the fight clips that I’ve seen. Even in a division which is pretty fractured, desperately short of greats and needing new blood at the moment he’d possibly get murdered by a proper top 10 heavyweight.

    The geezer he was up against was a no name who gave Duddy serious problems, which surprised me. I though Duddy should have been able to dispatch him within 12.

    Having said that, you can only beat what is put in front of you and I’m sure it’ll help him earn a few quid. Be interesting to see if he gets what is considered a ‘proper’ title fight in time or whether they just go to milk what they have. On the basis of this performance he will need a few more challenging fights before he’ll be capable of putting up some kind of performance against some more recognised names.

  • Yokel

    When I say heavyweight, i mean a decent boxer, not a heavyweight who he’sd obviously lose against…

  • Behave yourself Yokel. Campas might be past it now but he put Felix Trinidad on his arse a few years back, when Trinidad was entering his prime. That takes some ability.
    He also went seven with de la Hoya three years ago.
    Duddy is no Sugar Ray Leonard, that’s for sure, but I have no doubt that with around half a dozen defences under his belt he would give the likes of Dzindzurik and Riveria – two of the current mainstream light-middle weight champs – a run for their money.

  • Yokel


    Will he go down in weight though in fact can he now go down in weight and do well?? You know as well as I do that once you box at a weight for a period the usual way is up in the weights, not down.

    What I’m comparing is current middleweights. Apart from Wright & Taylor (bearing mind De La Hoya is running around light middle at the moment) its a fairly weak division compared to some of those that have graced it in the past and its historic strength in depth. That Spanish geezer is a hometown milking operation, Arthur Abraham from Australia isnt going to set the world alight and Hopkins is ultimately on the downgrade and these are champions. I don’t believe, however that Duddy would take any of them too far.

    Unless Duddy improves, this is his standard and I didn’t genuinely see the improvement in this fight which surprised me. For all that his opponent is a grizzled veteran a) he is firmly on the downgrade and b) based on Duddy’s previous performances I’d thought he’d have put him on the seat of his pants. Thats what makes me think that this is his level or b) hes going to need to go take more challenging fights to grow before he should be allowed near those at the mainstream top of the tree (which at this stage I consider the WBC, WBA, IBF & WBO because its got some genuinely strong champions these days).

    Am I knocking him? No. But you know as well as I do that overhyping is deadly. You know and I know that the title of world champion in this case is a series of words.

  • Yokel

    Bearing in mind that the Spanish geezer is likely to move up to middle after he got stuffed by de la hoya.

  • Yokel

    sorry, moved up. Wrong tense.

  • No one is saying Duddy is on a par with an ageing de la Hoya, Taylor or Wright, but I firmly believe he can win one of the major world titles.
    The key for him is picking the right fights. If his management are savvy enought to do this, then he can become world champ. Picking the right fight is almost as important as fighting nowadays.
    Look at the German super-middleweight, Sven Ottke, he is a hero in his nation and held a world championship for years. Like Duddy he had limited ability when compared to the best, but he was hugely successful nonetheless.
    I know he wouldn’t fight outside Germany and benefited from a few dodgy decisions but the record books don’t show that.

  • Yokel

    If he stays at middle and I can’t see him go down in weight. He looks like he could but its hard to tell (some fighters just never look that cut compared to others Calzaghe being one example) then Abraham is the man to go for, he’s gone to the well in his last fight, plus he’ll travel. Yet I still cant see Duddy beating Abraham without 2 or 3 stronger fights under his belt and Abraham may be out at that stage. Duddy appears to me to have decent punching power but he didnt tag his opponent in the way i thought he could and thats what has me thinking hes going to have issues.

    Thats boxing though, its an opinion sport.

  • IJP

    The IBA championship?

    Mickey Mouse stuff I’m afraid.

    Not that I’d tell Duddy that…