Blog tip #5: Keep it quick, light and consistent…

Keeping a blog is about being brief and to the point. When you write, keep in mind Italo Calvino’s unfinished six memos: ‘Lightness,” ”Quickness,” ”Exactitude,” ”Visibility,” ”Multiplicity” and the unwritten sixth, “Consistency”.

All of these qualities are key to a good blog, but the last is essential. As the British Labour MP blog champion Tom Watson has said, it is his blog archives that keep him honest.

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  • Previously, I asked HERE

    5. Mick, are you saying that not every politician should blog?

    Posted by CyberScribe on Sep 27, 2006 @ 03:04 PM

    and I'm still waiting on my comment being directly replied to.

  • Mick Fealty

    Sorry CS. That is precisely what I’m saying. Of course anyone can and should if the spirit moves them. But anyone who wants to blog in some kind of professional capacity should think about what it is they can say about the job/business that will engage an audience.

  • Pete Baker

    Or employ someone to do that thinking for them? ;p

  • Pete Baker

    Btw.. I was going to disagree with the quick and light [the exactness not so much]… but after reading the linked article I agree completely, particularly on multiplicity :o)

  • Thanks Mick. I haven’t read all the threads related to political blogging, but…

    I saw a clip on TV of a webcast by Cameron (the Conservative)and 30 seconds of what they showed would put me off ever reading a blog by him, listening to a podcast by him, or watching a webcast by him.
    Though I’d listen/watch/read about him through conventional channels eg TV – radio -newspapers.

    “Keeping a blog is about being brief and to the point.”…most politicians can’t do this and I’ve never seen one yet who can, so why encourage any of them to blog?


    I agree that keeping a blog should be about being brief and to the point generally, but during last week an e-mail was circulating…

    We’re looking for professional bloggers for the Frontline Books website. Each blogger will be commissioned to write 10 weekly blogs of 300-400 words with a fee of £15 per blog entry. We’re looking for bloggers with interesting ideas that will add value to what we’re doing and increase participation in the website. E-mail your proposal and cv to

    “brief and to the point” I’m sure depends on the subject. A book review of just over 100 words would be nearly impossible though I’m sure a point that a politician wants to make could be made in few words, but could they?

    Commenters, especially on here, aren’t always brief and to the point do they/we need educated/encouraged to keep it brief?