SF intimidation moves down south?

Councillors in New Ross Town aren’t happy with Sinn Fein’s leafletting tactics, with one FF councillor, Kevin Dwyer, seeking a public apology from the SF Chairman of the council, John Dwyer, over what he calls “a deplorable and despicable act of intimidation, […] completely underhand intimidation of members of the public and public representatives.” Michael Sheehan, FF, adds, “‘Putting fliers on doors and windows and going onto private property might have seemed like a laugh and a joke at the time, but when you bring families into it it’s not very funny at all,’ while FG Cllr Ray Lawlor would prefer to keep party politics out of council chambers altogether. John Dwyer, for his part, calls it a publicity stunt and suggest FF will be talking to SF “with a view to forming a coalition” regardless.Some questions are, does the shadow around SF (namely, the IRA), mean rough and tumble politics take on a more sinister meaning, and is the south ready to accept SF at (political) face value?