Peter Hain backs integrated education

The Secretary of State received widespread applause from delegates when he told the Labour Party conference in Manchester today that “we want much more integrated education in Northern Ireland as well.”

  • Belfast Gonzo

    There’s a big difference between integrated education and two (or more) schools sharing facilities. Never mind the lack of funding for them…

  • Carson’s Cat

    So its really that “Hain says we want to continue with too many different, and expensive sectors in education”. Stop paying for all but one sector and see real integration.

    Now there’s a legacy for Blair!

  • willowfield

    If Hain wants more integrated education, why is he pouring billions into the RC schools?

  • willis

    Billions eh!

    Looks like you didn’t pass A level economics.

    Seriously though. If you have figures which show that CCMS is poor value for money feel free.

    Carson’s Cat

    Well they have started closing down schools which are unable to attract enough pupils. I assume you are also happy that anyone who wants education segregated by ability should pay for their own education.