Too many hats, indeed.

Over at the Big G’s Newsblog they’ve been paying attention to the Labour Party conference [aren’t we supposed to have a man on the ground? – Ed] and noted Alan Milburn squaring up to Harriet Harman, Peter Hain and Jack Straw – all either declared, or yet to declare, candidates for Deputy Leader. Milburn observed that there were “too many hats being thrown into the ring, and not enough ideas on the table” and Mathew Tempest also notes the audience reaction to Peter Hain’s ill-judged, “If I got the job….” – they booed.

  • Greenflag

    Mr Hain earned a mild boo from some of the audience.

    And Milburn is described as smebody who would cross the road to start a fight 🙂

    I wonder how Paisley will be received ? Should be interesting .

  • Pete Baker

    I think that turned out to be a rumour rather than a confirmed appearance by Paisley, GF.

    btw, I wouldn’t rule out a Brown/Beckett ticket.

    And Reid’s been making noises off..

  • Dee Railed

    i’m with Pete on this one. Male/female ticket. old labour (with a new sheen)/older labour and a kickup the ars* for Hain.

    Beckett fits the deputy profile think about it.


    Brown, Hain, Straw, Prescott, Beckett and a few other lame duck labour politicians will throw their hats into the ring when the time comes to elect a new Labour Leader.I’m surprised Gerry and Martin havn’t put their nominations forward yet.

  • dee Railed


    i was talking about the deputy leadership not the brown beaten docket…yawns.

  • Billy


    Allan Johnson will definitely fill one of the roles. He’s very personable and intelligent and can help to keep the majority of the Unions on board. I don’t think he’s ready for the leadership – that will go to Brown so we’re looking at a Brown/Johnson ticket.

  • Rory

    Well, Pete, at last we find ourselve in agreement. A Brown/Beckett ticket seems the most attractive one to me, that is the one which would be most attractive to the majority of party members and appeal to the unions.

    We must stop meeting (our minds) like this, people will start talking.

  • Butterknife

    I’m sure Alderman Peter Robinson MP, MLA will put his hat into the ring too. (You knew it was coming Pete!)