Agreement? I don’t need no stinkin’ agreement!

As ‘badger’ indicated in the comments, Sinn Féin haven’t, as I had mistakenly thought, done a u-turn over publishing the PfG Committee’s Report on Rights; Safeguards; Equality Issues and Victims. In fact the u-turn was by the Secretary of State for Wales etc, Peter Hain, who, as the Order Paper for tomorrow’s plenary session shows, has ignored the PfG Committee and set his own motion for his assembly to debate. That’s despite his previous demand for unanimity among the parties in the committee for any decisions to be made, a demand which was in response to Sinn Féin’s lack of agreement with the other parties at that time.. and a demand that the committee kept to all through the summer.


  • Greenflag

    Good man Peter Hain 🙂 Keep sticking the boot in. If nothing else it’ll make you feel better and speed the day to your inevitable promotion and screw up the pitch for the next hapless semi colonial sent to keep the lid on the natives .

  • aquifer

    Hain seems to have noticed that the process needed veto proofing. We voted for the GFA, not SFDUP stuck in a revolving door, so he is justified.

  • Pete Baker


    Hain’s handling of The Process™ is unlikely to have won him many fans, within government, for a future cabinet post – perhaps that’s why he’s been assiduously courting the Trade Union vote instead..


    The veto in the PfG committee was one insisted on by Hain – see the second half of the original post.

  • Greenflag

    Peter ,

    Hain’s a South African – SA English speakers are known as soupis (Afrikaans ) pronounced sow pees. This term arises from having one foot planted in South Africa and the other planted back in Blighty . The stretching thus of said lower limbs results in a certain other male appendage having to dip itself in salt water hence the term of abuse.

    I think you overestimate the extent to which any senior Labour or indeed Conservative politician in Britain would suffer simply because they did not succeed in finding a solution to NI’s protracted political/constitutional problems during their ‘term ‘ in NI . There have been too many who have come and gone and those who have tried hard like Hain fail just as much as those who did’nt bother their arse . All they can do anyway is keep the lid on and they know it . A thankless task but a necessary one until such time as the locals ‘evolve’ to mature politics .

    Hain started out with the Trade Union vote and if he’s ever propelled to the top post he’ll need that vote . Gordon Brown will want to keep him within the Cabinet on the basis that it’s better to keep somebody like Hain inside the tent than without .

    At this stage it looks like Gordon Brown will inherit the mantle or poisoned chalice . Too early to say which .

  • Pete Baker

    Well I had been tempted to add a “if they’re paying attention” to my previous comment, GF. 😉

    And he’ll likely be kept onside as you suggest – after failing to get the Deputy Leader’s post – provided he doesn’t keep tripping himself up.. as noted in the next post.

  • weepee

    Sinn Fein should jump in and save this Equality, Safeguards & Victims bill,pulling the ministeral red mat from under Hains feet and tell him to shove his motion some where that the sun don’t shine while he is lying on the deck. Maybe he will fall asleep like he did at another Victim meeting.