Adams in the Desert

Tonight’s Insight, 8pm on UTV, follows Gerry Adams as he wanders through the desert. In a moment of irony, who should be at the same hotel while Adams is over in Israel telling the Palestinians and Israelis, “It’s good to talk,” but Mariead Corrigan, one of the original Peace People.

Fearghal McKinney writes in today’s BelTel:

But, in truth, there is not a peace process in the Middle East. They’re still some way off talks about talks. And the wall is a stark reminder of the divide.
In that sense, Gerry Adams got to deliver a message that was, in effect, little heard. Middle East commentators interpret his trip as being more about a ‘back home’ photo opportunity ahead of the southern election.
They see him using the trip to paint himself as an international statesman – justifying struggle in the Middle East and elsewhere in an attempt to give it legitimacy in Northern Ireland.

Tune in tonight at 8 for the rest.