Adams in the Desert

Tonight’s Insight, 8pm on UTV, follows Gerry Adams as he wanders through the desert. In a moment of irony, who should be at the same hotel while Adams is over in Israel telling the Palestinians and Israelis, “It’s good to talk,” but Mariead Corrigan, one of the original Peace People.

Fearghal McKinney writes in today’s BelTel:

But, in truth, there is not a peace process in the Middle East. They’re still some way off talks about talks. And the wall is a stark reminder of the divide.
In that sense, Gerry Adams got to deliver a message that was, in effect, little heard. Middle East commentators interpret his trip as being more about a ‘back home’ photo opportunity ahead of the southern election.
They see him using the trip to paint himself as an international statesman – justifying struggle in the Middle East and elsewhere in an attempt to give it legitimacy in Northern Ireland.

Tune in tonight at 8 for the rest.

  • Fox to advise other foxes how to look after chickens is an alternative view which I doubt Insight considered. There is no “struggle” in the Middle East – just barbaric Islamic terrorism, just as there was no “struggle” here -just IRA barbarism.

  • heres hoping

    dv do you ever give it a break and try to look at rheads objectively. I know this might be a bit of man not ball but with this first comment its looks as if the ball has been kicked into touch.

  • kloot

    just IRA barbarism.
    David, I know your views on the terrorism from both communities, that your are firmly against it, however, your comment above, which seems to condemn only one side, leaves you open to criticism from those who wouldnt be as familiar with your views.

  • kloot

    Actually, ignore my post above. If David wants to highlight the violence from one community thats his right I suppose. My view though is that its best to condemn all violence if condeming any. It sends a clearer message

  • As for the gentleman above, “there are none so blind as those who can’t see”, no wonder the six counties will never truly be at peace with attitudes like that.
    I watched the programme, what struck me was the difference in 10 years for Gerry, I remember he was like a movie star when he first went to the states and the media scrum from ireland, britain and the US that followed his every move. Now he’s just a regional politican with very little influence.
    Brian Feeney and that poisonous DUP arse-wipe, were correct in what they said on the show though. Northern Ireland/ Ireland (and in fact, Britain too) is barely a blip on the international landscape. But if Gerry preached peace and dialogue in the Middle East, I applaud him for it.

  • Brenda

    Any chance this is repeated or on the net, since it was on when the soaps were on?


    just as there was no “struggle” here -just IRA barbarism.

    Much as I am happy to stick the boot into the provos, the wording of this sentence glosses over the barbarism of the other actors in the conflict, and that’s insulting to their victims.