UDA to get paid off, become legal?

Two stories today about the future of the UDA. In the wake of the threat against Irish diplomat Aine de Baroid, Hain is reportedly offering £1million to wind up the UDA, according to the Sunday Times. The Observer reports that the UDA is seeking to (re)gain legalisation, on the logic that it will help them “transform into a non-violent community-based organisation”. They use the IMC to support their thesis: “‘In its last report the International Monitoring Commission said that the IRA was behaving itself because its structures remained in place. By the IRA being there intact, it could keep discipline in its ranks. The IMC accepted this,’ [Two of its leaders, speaking on behalf of the UDA ‘Inner Council’ said].”

Update: Sunday Life is reporting Andre Shoukri may make bail next month, and carries a denial from the brothers regarding the threat to Ms de Baroid.