UDA to get paid off, become legal?

Two stories today about the future of the UDA. In the wake of the threat against Irish diplomat Aine de Baroid, Hain is reportedly offering £1million to wind up the UDA, according to the Sunday Times. The Observer reports that the UDA is seeking to (re)gain legalisation, on the logic that it will help them “transform into a non-violent community-based organisation”. They use the IMC to support their thesis: “‘In its last report the International Monitoring Commission said that the IRA was behaving itself because its structures remained in place. By the IRA being there intact, it could keep discipline in its ranks. The IMC accepted this,’ [Two of its leaders, speaking on behalf of the UDA ‘Inner Council’ said].”

Update: Sunday Life is reporting Andre Shoukri may make bail next month, and carries a denial from the brothers regarding the threat to Ms de Baroid.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Why should we give them a million quid when the IRA did it for free ? I’d love to hear the UDA confirm that their arms were totally destroyed while a Catholic priest was watching.

  • Comrade Stalin

    (reads a bit further) bit of a laugh this. The UDA wants to be kept intact so that it can enforce internal discipline. It then goes on to show that it cannot enforce internal discipline; dissidents are making threats and one out of the six brigades are not falling into line. You couldn’t make it up.

  • Crataegus

    Am I the only one that see this as a extension of the tried and tested UDA Building site security policy. Look mate difficult area this and you will need some real security or you definitely will have trouble.

    Is £1,000,000 the first instalment or is it a one of payment ‘for life’ insurance cover.

  • Elvis Parker

    Is that £1m a year for ever??
    Maybe they should approach UUP they’re all for reaching out to paramilitaries

  • Yokel

    There is a lesson in this for our children.

    Get involved in paramilitarism, clearly its much more profitable and better than living a fairly honest life.

    I will certainly be encouraging mine to get involved. I’m not sure my pension payments will add up to much and I’ll need the support….

  • Colm

    feck the children, i’m joining up right now, Jackie McDonald might even bring us out to dinner in the K Club next time he’s golfing with Martin McAleese!

    Hain really has lost the plot. 1 million to end an organisation of criminal knuckle-dragging thugs who bring in multiples of that every month? sure Peter, why not throw a few hundred grand to Ruairi O Bradaigh too, i’m sure that’ll convince the Conto’s to stop petrol bomb attacks too.