Soccer Blues in Derry

After all of the positive sporting stories of late, this one brings us back to reality with a harsh bang. In Derry, loyalists caused the abrupt abandonment of an underage soccer fixture in the city last weekend after they gathered nearby and shouted abuse at the predominantly catholic players from the Top of the Hill team. The two sets of players sought refuge in the changing rooms and the catholic team required a police escort to leave the area safely.
Now it has emerged that the predominantly Protestant club involved in that match has pulled some of its under-age teams out of the league in fear of retaliation.

  • heres hoping

    For the record this story seems to more about the fear than reality and I understand why the coaches have taken this step but in reality no-one from ths national/republican has made any threats to this team. If any threat was made then i am sure that people from that community would stand by the protestant children and ensure that they could play football. Unfortunately the loyalist thugs who threatened the children in the first place seem to have driven children from their own community out of sport.

  • CS Parnell

    Ach, this is a great wee place.

    Thank **** I got out. Youse deserve each other, you know that?

  • rinmore

    The orangies knew that their tem was goin tae get stuffed by the Top o the hill wans so they broke it up early, too bad. Still it’s another example of how bitter, retarded and paranoid the “loyalist” people are. Sort yersels’ out ye’s stupid orange fick-tards; ye know hi!

  • Troll alert!

  • Rinmore

    Maca go shove it right up your erse. I stand by all that I say, perhaps I put it bluntly and without the true diplomatic finesse of many posters on this site, but the fact remains that loyalists (as opposed to Unionists) are a pack of bitter, paranoid, unbalanced ficktards. How anyone could subscribe to their mixture of “lost tribe of Israel” balls and Ulster-Scoots racial separatism beats me. By the way I am quite content to be British and hope to remain so but I still detest loyalist fooktards!

  • Setanta

    I am a bit concerned that there were no actual threats to the teams in this matter. If there were to be any threats then they would be widely condemned.

    Why are the teams giving in? It seems that they are excluding themselves without reason.

  • Reader

    Setanta: Why are the teams giving in?
    Best not to put children into the front line. Let the adults take the chances and make the gestures.

  • Yokel

    Discretion is the better part of valour isn’t it Setanta. Maybe its a panic measure but then again no one knew the Top of the Hill side was going to get the stick they got until it happened.


  • Mike

    According to the story on p17 of the Irish News: “A soccer club from a mainly Protestant village near Derry has withdrawn its underage teams from competition because players have suffered sectarian abuse following a game which saw police forced to protect a Catholic team from a loyalist mob”.

    The article gives goes on –

    Newbuildings coach Wesley Robinson said in the aftermath of the game, the cluib had been forced to review the safety of players.

    “We have been in the league seven years and this has been the only incident. But it has all blown up” he said.
    “I know you do not want to give in to these people but it is better keeping young people safe rather than put them into these situations.”
    Mr Robinson said the league had been sympathetic to the club’s decision.
    “We informed the league on Tuesday night. I am sure they can see our point of view. Young people might be frightened coming to the Waterside, as our teams might be frightened playing away games.
    “The under-10s and 12s will end up scared and not want to play football again.”

  • Mike

    Should say it also gives some detail on the attack on Top of the Hill Celtic players and has comment from the mayor.