British Labour on verge of organising locally?

If this week was a good one for the Northern Irish Tories, the next few week could be the turn of Northern Irish members of the British Labour Party. Andy McGivern of “Labour Members in Northern Ireland” and the recently converted Tory James Leslie are on Inside Politics with Mark Devenport tomorrow. McGivern will say the Labour Party may be on the brink of allowing its members to organise here. He also talks about Peter Hain and Alan Johnson’s track records re Northern Ireland membership.It also seems that Peter Hain is due to address local members in early October:

All Labour Party Members living in Northern Ireland are cordially invited to attend an address by the Secretary of State prior to his leaving for the Cross Party talks in Scotland on the resumption of the Assembly. The event has been organised by “Labour Members in Northern Ireland” who have been lobbying within the Labour Party for the extension of Labour Party organisation to Northern Ireland.

The event will include feedback on our recent attendance at the Labour Party Conference. The Labour Members in Northern Ireland Steering Committee view this address as evidence of movement in relations with the Party and would ask all Labour Party members to make every effort to attend.

To our knowledge this is the first time a senior member of the party has specifically address NI members.

BTW, it seems the story of Ian Paisley turning up at the Labour conference in Manchester is groundless. But we should be able catch up with him when he’s with the Tories in Bournemouth!