PUP’s charm offensive continues..

Along with accentuating the positive in a recent UVF statement, and the ‘hands across the divide’ statement on Sunday, a PUP delegation today met with members of the Independent Monitoring Commission. The Chair of the PUP Dawn Purvis, the Peter Hain appointed independent member of the policing board, described the meeting as “a very constructive meeting, at times difficult meeting, but extremely positive.” The PUP MLA David Ervine did not attend… [he’s probably the one they needed to speak to – Ed]As the PUP MLA David Ervine told the Belfast Telegraph recently

“I’ve never resigned from the UVF,” the loyalist politician told the Belfast Telegraph.

“I’ve never been asked to resign from the UVF, but then that would apply to pretty much thousands of people.

“It would apply to a brave few councillors knocking about the place,” he claimed.

On his present links with the organisation, he said: “I have a relationship with the UVF. I don’t actively function inside the UVF. I deal with the UVF at specific levels and I do so on a basis of the creation of peace.”

Next week, Ervine’s party – the PUP – will meet the Independent Monitoring Commission as it prepares its next assessment on paramilitary activity ? due to be published in early October.

The loyalist delegation will tell the Commission that the UVF supports the peace process and poses no threat to it.

But PUP chair Dawn Purvis says they also want to address with the IMC the “misperception” that the link between the PUP and UVF is similar to that of Sinn Fein and the IRA.

Of course not, after all Our Glorious Leader the Secretary of State for Wales and… well, you know the rest.. Peter Hain wouldn’t have appointed the Chair of the PUP to the Policing Board if that was the case… not given his own assessment of the UVF… now would he…?