Sporting ecumenism in action…

Nice bit of ‘sporting ecumenism’ as the Connacht Rugby Team get behind the Mayo Gaelic Football team. Come to think of it, they could even turn out for the Mayo team, and few would notice!! Thanks to Tochais Siorai for the heads up!

  • A noble gesture by the Connacht players to their fellow sportsmen.

  • Mick Fealty

    I should have added, few would notice until the start of the game…

  • Lorenzo

    “I should have added, few would notice until the start of the game…”

    I’m not so sure Mick. Have you seen some of the tackling going on in the football championship this year? It wouldn’t look too out of place in Lansdowne Rd.

    C’mon Mayo!

  • Mayo 4 Sam

    Please God ! I wonder are our unionist brothers shouting for Mayo, as Kerry is very republican whereas its only Northern Mayo thats Republican the rest is Blue shirt land… 🙂

  • Mick Fealty

    Some people will try anything to court support. And you already had mine since the Meath final a few years back.

  • Mayo 4 Sam – Living in Sydney

    The Green and Red of Mayo
    I can see it still
    It’s soft and craggy bogland
    It’s tall majestic hills
    Where the ocean kisses Ireland
    And the waves carress it’s shore
    The feeling it came over me
    To stay forever more
    Forever more

    From it’s rolling coastal waters
    I can see Croagh Patrick’s peak
    Where one Sunday every Summer
    The pilgrims climb the reek
    Where Saint Patrick in it’s solitude
    Looked down across Clew Bay
    With a ringing of his bell
    Called the faithful there to pray
    There to pray
    Take me to Clare Island
    The home of Granuaile
    It’s waters harbour fishes
    From the herring to the whale
    And now I must depart it
    And reality is plain
    May the time not pass so slowly
    Before I set sail again
    Set sail again

  • Mayo 4 Sam – can’t help it. Come On MAYO!

    These homes are destroyed and our soil confiscated
    The hand of the tyrant brought plunder and woe
    The fires are now quenched & our hearts desolated
    In our once happy homes in the County Mayo

    Long years have since passed with our hearts full of sorrow
    The land of the shamrock we left far behind
    How we would like to go back there tomorrow
    To the scenes of our youth which we still bear in mind

    The days of our childhood it’s now we regret them
    They cling to our visions wherever we go
    And the friends of our youth we will never forget them
    They too are exiles from the County Mayo

    Ballinrobe to Killalla, from Swinford to Balla
    Newport and Cong and down Castlebar
    Ballyhaunis, Ballymullet, McCaidy God love it
    And the whole of whose great men are famed near and far

    From Galway to Dublin from Derry to Kerry
    In New York and Frisco and Boston also
    In Pittsburgh, Chicago, Detroit and Toronto
    There are stouthearted men from the County Mayo

    So boys get together in all kinds of weather
    Don’t show the white feather wherever you go
    Be like a brother and help one another
    Like true hearted men from the County Mayo

  • moyle rover

    I was reading in the paper the other day about Ger Brady, Myo centre forward who played rugby for connaught for a few years. He compared Mayos semi with the dubs to playiong new zealand u-19s in the rugby world cup a few years ago. Probably accounts for the support of connaught rugby as many of them will have played alongside him