DUP will wait to get Policing ‘sorted’

There are some interesting remarks sown in at the end of Frank Millar’s piece in the Irish Times this morning:

…while Dr Paisley denied playing a waiting game during Labour’s leadership turmoil – insisting he was taking the situation “as it is” – usually reliable sources close to the party leadership claimed a growing view within the party that a “hung parliament” after the next British general election might provide the most advantageous conditions from a unionist perspective.

Insisting “this is not the time for a deal with a lame-duck prime minister”, one source told The Irish Times: “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. And if it’s a marathon, that means November 24th is only a warm-up.”

Dr Paisley made clear that “delivery” would have to include a resolution of the policing issue.

Hmmm…. In the words of Red HurleyJohnny Logan’s ‘Eurovision winning classic’: What’s Another Year? CC to Resident’s Associations across NI.

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