Clinton deported from Northern Ireland..

Fantasy headline time.. sort of.. Prominent American historian, Professor Catherine Clinton – her own website is here – arrived today to take up her new post at Queen’s University, Belfast… and was immediately deported because, embarrassingly, someone hadn’t completed the correct paperwork [That’ll help the recruitment drive – Ed]. She does have other things to do, you know..

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  • missfitz

    The QUB bio is great…… ‘Catherine Clinton came to Queens’

    Twill have to be amended….. she came, she taught, she deported…….

  • Pete Baker

    ‘Twill indeed, Miss Fitz.. although “she came, she deported” would be more accurate for now. ;o)

  • Bill

    At last we have a reason to look down at those lot!

  • McGrath

    To be deported, wouldnt she have been subject to a deportion order, as issued by a Judge?

    Further, is it not necessary for one to have entered a country before deportation is possible.

    Wasnt she simply “refused entry”?

    Anyway, it seems like a reversal of fortune of some kind. 15 years ago, no one wanted to come to work here, while scores of Irish were frequently “refused entry” in USA ports of entry.

    Anyway, I hope the matter is cleared up quickly.

    That unexpected return trip to the USA will probably cost QUB about $5000.

    Miss Fitz,

    Any news of her return?

  • Harry

    It was the British Imperial forces who did this.

  • Handy man wi a hanky ball

    Harry! you should emphasise “It was the British Imperial Forces in the Occupied Zone” Probably those efin evil Orangeies made them do it.