Hain pitches to become the next DPM…

The Times clearly doesn’t think much of Peter Hain’s bid for the job of Labour No 2 on The World At One (12.35 mins) yesterday. Note the reference to Al Gore’s effective disowning of the problematic Clinton inheritance. Hain clearly reckons that he could provide a n effective bridge between the Blairite inheritance and the new Brown dispensation. And, media savvy as ever, he has the jump on his leading rivals, Alan Johnson, at education, and the constitutional affairs minister, Harriet Harman.


  • Jazz

    Wally Hain for deputy prime minister. UNTHINKABLE. First he would increase the rates then proceed to fall asleep.He would be a bigger embaressment than Prescott. This Wally would be better going back to Wales and sleeping there.
    Bye Bye Peter.

  • If Al Gore effectively disowned Clinton’s problematic legacy, I’d hate to see what’d happen if he ineffectively disowened it.

  • Greenflag

    Peter Hain would make an excellent PM – Anyone who put up with the insufferable political troglodytes of Northern Ireland and still have his hat in the ring for Deputy PM has to be in with a chance .

    By the time the next devolution round of no talks about no talks and about agreements which don’t agree starts in 2016 , Peter Hain may well be in the PM seat .

    IIRC nobody who has ever been NI Secretary has ever made it to Number 10 .

  • Mick Fealty


    I can’t recall a DPM ever making it to Number 10. Hain’s offering himself as a broker rather than a prospective. But I hear what you say…

  • Pete Baker


    Clement Attlee was Deputy Prime Minister in the wartime coalition.

    And, according to this list, Anthony Eden… although it’s not mentioned on his bio page