“Criticism is part and parcel of football but..”

NI football team manager Lawrie Sanchez has re-appeared to confirm that he will stay in the role to see out the rest of his contract. After, reportedly resigning verbally on Wednesday, he’s cited the media criticism following the defeat by Iceland as the main reason for his questioning whether he would continue as Northern Ireland manager. Added Full statementFrom the BBC report

“During my time in charge, we have risen 52 places in the FIFA rankings, beaten World Cup quarter-finalists, England and Spain, as well as drawing with World Cup semi-finalists, Portugal

“One more victory would take my record past that of every manager since Billy Bingham.

“Despite these successes, the level and ferocity of the criticism from certain sections of the media has astonished me,” the statement continued.

“Criticism is part and parcel of football but some of the criticism has been out of all proportion, especially when considering the team had not won for 15 matches and had failed to score in 1298 minutes before I took over.

“It led me to question whether I wanted to continue as Northern Ireland manager and if the team could continue to make such progress in this climate of negativity.”