Unionism – the true enemy of freedom

Following the devastating news that Daily Ireland is to fold, I was reading Martin O Muilleoir’s blog when I came across this:

Those of us who remember John Bruton’s execrable coalition putting a spanner in the peace process works in the 90s after Albert Reynolds fell from grace, know that a government in Dublin which has a visceral empathy for unionism is not good for the cause of freedom.

Is my orange jump suit in Guantanamo ready yet? He probably means “freedom” for de Valera’s mythical Irish nation, which in its self is an odd thing to say, but it struck me as rather pointed that a republican would point to anyone with a semblance of, or even who gives the impression of, understanding unionism as an enemy of freedom.

Best be careful not to get too close when doing that outreach work eh Martina?