Roy Keane is the new Sinead O’Connor?

Take a few minutes to read Danny Kelly… He’s been on holiday to Co Clare and has had something of a revelation…

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  • Patrique

    He is right about Dunphy, the only “expert” worth listening to.

  • Billy


    Danny’s points about the more honest opinions being expressed on RTE are correct. The only pundit on BBC who’s even half decent is Hansen but he’s also repetitious and arrogant.

    Johnny Giles is the one worth listening too. He played and managed at the top level and speaks as he finds. His analysis is very accurate and honest.

    Dunphy never played or managed at the top. His opinions are sometimes worth listening to but are too often influenced by his own prejudice and/or commercial reasons.

    His reports on Roy Keane in Japan were totally one sided as he has a personal + commercial relationship with Roy Keane and didn’t like Mick McCarthy.

    I personally agreed with a lot of what Roy said but I’m afraid I have no interest in a pundit who tells Ireland fans to support the opposition.

    Dunphy is a big fish in a small pond – if he went outside the RoI – no-one would give a s**t about his opinions.

  • Kieran

    In the article Danny Kelly says:

    “There are, you see, two distinct visions of the country. One is of the sleepy idyll of The Quiet Man and The Irish RM, all tweed and porter, tipsy clergymen on bicycles and milk-skinned colleens doing Riverdance. The other is of the Celtic tiger, a thrusting European state, young, ambitious, claret-quaffing and Armani-clad.”

    He goes on to say that the second image is one supporters of Roy Keane would identify with.

    Personally I have no time for the horrible image conjured up by his second vision of Ireland, and I suspect Roy Keane wouldn’t either, indistinguisable as it is from the US and British world order. Give me the Quiet Man and Riverdance everytime. Danny is welcome to his big brave world of Big Brother,Love Island and unabashed materialism. The big point he misses, is that in this world there is zero room for principals or personal sarcifice such as what Roy Keane did in Taipan.

    I cant see his point either when comparing ‘all tweed and porter’ versus ‘wine-chaffing and armani-clad’. Is it that Armani doesnt use tweed and people who drink wine dont drink porter?

    Perhaps he had chaffed a little too much himself before writing such nonsense!

  • Patrique

    The problem with those who played at the top, eg Ray Houghton, is that they repeat the nonsense beliefs held sacred in British soccer. Just the other week Houghton was at it again. He was right that someone fell too easily, but forgot to mention that as his jersey was being pulled it was a clear penalty.Listen to Alan Shearer.

    Giles is good, but Dunphy is controversial, that’s why you listen to him. I fully supported Mick McCarthy, and criticised Dunphy for his worship of all things Roy, especially when he disabled a fellow professional in a calculated, pre-meditated manner, but you would still listen to him.

    British/Irish football is so poor because they invest in old professionals, instead of trying something new, like Wenger, who played none as they say here.

  • Donnacha

    The only problem I have is Danny’s appalling grasp of physsical geography. There are several Karst regions in Europe (including Malham Cove in Yorkshire), so while the Burren may be a special place, it is hardly unique. Oh God, I need to get out more.

  • hovetwo

    But would Malham Cove have a local wearing a green, white and “gold” cowboy hat?

  • pith

    Roy Keane never sang a silly song (unless he was on a cup final ditty) and he never dressed in anti-drag. He’s Sunderland manager. Leave the fella alone.

  • GrassyNoel

    Danny is spot on. BBC punditry is absolute twaddle. And I must say I was utterly disgusted and so disappointed with Martin O’Neill during the World Cup, to listen to all the nonsense he was spluttering about England, joining in all the ridiculous flag-waving and suggesting that England were capable of winning the competition..I know he was applying for the England job at the time, I can’t think why, but for f*ck’s sake why couldn’t he at least have had the balls to speak his mind/the truth? I lost a huge amount of respect for him over the summer. Having said all that, he’s doing a pretty good job at villa so far.

    Billy, I know the whole Dunphy/Keane/McCarthy thing divides people’s opinions, but your opinion of Dunphy’s worth as a pundit seems to be equally somewhat tarnished by bias. I think you’ll find that Jose Mourinho never played or coached at the top level either; he was a schoolteacher who took a very circuitous route into football by working as a translator for English football coaches in spain, even though he himself is Portuguese.

    His record over the last 4 years: 1 Portugese League, 1 Uefa Cup, 1 Champions’ League Title, 2 Premierships.

    Dunphy played professional football for nigh on 20 years, he spent time at Man Utd, Leeds and Millwall, that mightn’t impress you but I think he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to football and he’s as entitled to his opinion – and whether the barstool experts all over the world accept it or not, it IS more of an expert and informed opinion than theirs.

    I think a blogger saying Dunphy isn’t qualified to give opinions because he hasn’t played or managed at the top level is a bit like me saying that someone’s not qualified to comment on Dunphy’s journalistic worth, because they’ve never worked as an editor at a top-selling broadsheet.

  • eric

    Roy Keane and Sinead O’Connor are both people who are an embarssment to Ireland. England’s the best place for him if he didn’t want to play for his country.

  • GrassyNoel

    That’s more rubbish. ‘He didn’t want to play for his country’ is bullshit. People love to run off at the mouth about what happened in Saipan without stopping to consider what ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

    Now let’s go through it one more time.

    1. Mick McCarthy turned around to Keane during a team meeting and accused him of all manner & sorts of treachery.

    2. Roy Keane called McCarthy a liar, a coward and told him, in no uncertain terms, to go f*ck himself.

    3. Mick McCarthy, having no other choice, responded to the abuse hurled at him in front of the entire squad, plus backroom staff, FIRED Roy Keane.

    And that’s it. There’s no ‘Keane V McCarthy’ in terms of a philosophical debate on the ‘New’ Ireland or ‘are-we-selling-our-souls’ issue. It’s very simple. So-called ‘football fans’ think that different rules apply if you’re a famous footballer and that you can just turn up and behave anyway you want as long as you train hard and produce results. Do you think Keane would have remained at Man Utd if he screamed abuse at Ferguson like that, no matter how good ferguson thought he was? If my boss came over to my desk and accused me of a, b & c and I responded by hurling abuse at her, what do you think will happen.

    Keane didn’t walk out on the team, or the country, or anyone. He was sent home, i.e. sacked, after a blazing row with a man he could hardly stomach being in the same room with, who unfortunately for all concerned happened to be his boss. Check back on it if you want, but I can guarantee you the first press conference that was called that day after the incident features Mick McCarthy saying ” I HAVE SENT HIM (KEANE) HOME” – and that’s exactly what happened.

    It was the inevitable consequence of the complete implosion of a relationship between a manager and a player. Something similar happened to Eric Cantona at France. And those who have been sitting around pointing their fingers and screaming at each other about this for the last 4 years are the real muppets.

  • Patrique

    Something like Zidane happened to Cantona. Looked great in the premiership, who wouldn’t with a bit of skill, but didn’t have it at international level, or in Europe for the club.

  • Pat Riot

    GrassyNoel, looks like there’s nothing that can be said that would convince you RK isn’t the best son of Cork. Others believe that he threw the rattle out o’ the pram blaming “the training conditions” Ridiculous. He could have played, represented his country and then, AFTER the tournement sounded off to all and sundry. But no, that was just tooooooooo much for our boy Roy. He stuck two fingers up to Mick McC’ and, in doing so, stuck two fingers up to everyone he was chosen to represent – his countrymen. I wish him all the best in England and just hope he stays there! Good ridence. Ireland can do without the likes of Roy Keane.