“Provo war is finished”

In an interview with the Belfast Telegraph a UVF spokerson has said they accept the PIRA’s war is “finished” . The person denied there is a UVF threat against Raymond McCord senior or any journalist. They also claim that there could be an unexploded bomb in Dublin’s Mansion House, part of a failed attempt to wipe out the republican leadership in 1981. UPDATE A suspicious device has been found and there is also speculation they will re-engage with the Decommissioning Body.In response Sinn Fein is claiming collusion and a search is now underway (despite the warning apparently being given a week ago).

  • Ada

    Is this why we’re seeing a security alert in the Mansion House today??
    I suppose if so it’s a positive; if the UVF see the IRA campaign as over and are willing to warn the Irish government about threats to their safety then perhaps normalisation isn’t as much of a pipe-dream as we all thought.

  • Yokel

    There’s something strangely amusing about this bomb plot…….

    Cue po faced responses…

  • Ranier

    Wasn’t this mentioned in Michael ‘I need to be in the Papers this week again Jim McDowell’ Stone’s book?
    The bit where he re-calls all the things the loyalists told him they had planned??
    He distinctly mentioned a bomb in a fire extinguisher too.
    So, if this is true, then were the plans to shoot down Charlie Haughey’s helicopter and blow up his boat real as well?

  • Padraig Óg

    Oh please the lot of ye stop it, my sides are hurting with the laughter

    So when loyalist weren’t busy butchering innocent Catholics they were shooting down helicopters and planting elaborate devices inside Irish govt bulidings

    hahahahahaha this has to be the funniest claim on Slugger ever

    You guys kill me 🙂

  • Realist

    What we want to hear from the UVF and other loyalist paramilitary groupings is not that the Provo “war” is finished, but that their own ongoing “war” (consisting of sectarian attacks, intimidation and exploitation of their own communities and widespread criminality) is finished.

  • Henry94

    The Mansion House in Dublin has been evacuated following a security alert.

    The official residence of the lord mayor of Dublin was evacuated when the alert was received early this morning.

    Gardaí are searching the premises and surrounding areas.

  • Brenda

    LOL lucky it didn’t explode or we’d have been robbed of the chance to surrender.

  • Pete Baker

    The anonymous spokesman for the UVF is simply, and clumsily, attempting to generate ‘good’ PR to deflect criticism from the UVF.. and, by extension the PUP… not to mention the UUP.

    Reg Empey, of course, recently called for the UVF to lift the threats mentioned in the report

  • Daisy

    Aren’t you supposed to check fire extinguishers quite regularly?!

    I’d get the H&S officers onto that straight away.

  • Nick J

    “Sinn Fein is claiming collusion”

    Too bloody true, it is collusion and the Brits are up to their stinking elbows in it. How dare they sabotage the bomb to save the moles, informers and touts who were all up on the sodding platform in 1981.

    Collusion with the PRM I say. Stick that in yer pipe…………….

  • Peking

    Pete Baker
    Yes, and their favourite journalist ia always happy to oblige.

  • Brenda

    The photographs are good in the telegraph. A young Danny Morrison is pictured holding up a placard saying ‘victory to the IRA’.

    Now one would expect that from ‘Private Eye’ but the telegraph engaging in satire!!

    Down with that sort of thing!!!

  • Tochais Siorai

    Did the PUP mayor of Belfast (Smyth?) in the mid-90s visit the Mansion House? I seem to remember that he did.

    Would’ve been interesting if the bomb was discovered then.

  • Ranier

    ‘So when loyalist weren’t busy butchering innocent Catholics they were shooting down helicopters and planting elaborate devices inside Irish govt bulidings ‘

    Hahahahaha, yeah, it’s hilarious!!
    Just like that time when they almost blew up Dublin and Monaghan…haha…Oh wait..eh…

    Cue lots of stories in the Scumday Worst this Sunday from Michael Stone/Jim McDowell about how he was knew about this years ago and how Chinese Artists are buying his legs and toe nails for art and…zzzzzz

  • Jo

    I would have thought it highly unlikely that any fire extinguisher in existence in 81 would still be functioning, however, often it was checked. It’s probably lying on a tip someplace, possibly with a few apartments built on top. Ooops…

  • Padraig Óg


    What I found hilarious (and still do) is the credibility that the loyalists are striving for in being a legitimate and highly capable guerilla organsition. They were/are NOT

    Of course Monaghan and Dublin isn’t funny. Get off your high horse. Surely wasn’t that the Brits anyway?

    Loyalists bringing down a helicopter?? Don’t make me laugh, they’d need help hailing a taxi

  • Victim ni

    The provo war may be finished, but the suffering goes on for the thousands of ‘Innocent Victims’ who’s lives have been blighted by their 35 year war. Apoligies from Adams if you could call the utterings that come from the Sinn Fein President are meaningless. What I as a Victim would like to see is Mr Adams reading We shall Remember Them & The Northern Ireland Affairs Committe reports and putting pressure on the british government to have the issues address which have been raised in both these reports. Mr Adams ‘The Victims Suffering Isn’t Finished.

  • surearen’tweallvictims

    If your post is anything to go by, I hope you didn’t write them – they’ll be hardly legible if you did.

  • Yokel

    surearentweallvictims..of course we all are in our heads, thats the problem…