Middle class responsibilities

The Presbyterian Moderator calls upon to the garden centre Prods and Catholics to “address their civic repsonsibilities” else they may find:

“a raft of administrative, educational and ethical decisions imposed without proper local debate could radically change the ‘comfort zone’ they cherish.”

  • willis

    I think it is the DUP he is really challenging

    “Many in the majority community face a real moral dilemma, in being asked to accept in government those who in the past may have supported and defended terrorism. Yet, those who have chosen to turn from the path of violence cannot be denied the legitimate rewards of the way of peaceful politics. Since they have turned away from the obnoxious policy of ‘ballot-box and Armalite’, we must then respect the results the ballot-box yields.”

  • Burkean

    The Moderator’s article is both a challenge to ‘middle Ulster’ but also a description of its (to be honest – our) values. He articulates that sense of social obligation that historically has characterised Protestant communities, as opposed to the mythical individualism that has been used to caricature Protestantism’s social identity.

    As for his comments concerning post-armed struggle Republicanism, he captures the challenge unionism faces. His answer to this “real moral dilemma” is not couched in the value-free language of pragmatism, but as an expression of the call to serve our society.

    As a by-the-way, it is interesting that the two Presidents quoted by the Moderator were Republicans motivated by a strong sense of moral obligation. One suspects that a similar article addressing the nationalist community would have invoked JFK and Clinton.

  • Nevin

    The ‘ballot-box and Al Capone’ policy isn’t exactly endearing ….

  • james orr

    Is this “mood music” I hear being turned up?

  • Yokel

    He can bugger aff, i was out yesterday mowing my lawn..hence such a delay in posting…