Room for manoeuvre?

Democratic Dialogue is arguing that there is support for renegotiation of the Good Friday Agreement across the communities. They base this opinion on the 2005 Life and Times Survey. The survey shows 55% support for renegotiation approaches and 22% for full implementation. This would indicate room for manoeuvre. However, the Life and Times Survey sample is weak for SF and DUP voters and 1998 ‘No’ voters.

  • Poddyman

    I think support for the view that “The Agreement is basically right but the specifics need to be renegotiated” reflects a return to the centre for many. IMO, it shows an acknowledgment that, though some may have comparatively minor concerns, the Agreement represents the fairest and the best way forward for our community. Blinkered SF and DUP supporters will be dismissive of the 1200 adult survey but I think, if nothing else, it is a warning to each of them. If they can’t do the business then the electorate will punish you at the ballot box and look elsewhere. DUP / SF YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  • whinger

    Poddyman, why do you include SF in your post? I would have thought they take the same stance i.e. that the GFA is basically right but the specifics need renegotiated – was that not what the deal before the big bank robbery was about? The SDLP are the only party that want it implemented as is and the DUP want it scrapped. As for your warning – what really counts are the people that take the time to vote, not those expressing an opinion at the end of a phone.

  • Keith M

    I think that the B.A. is so discredited that re-negotiation is simply out of the question. Of course part of the agreement can be salvaged from the wreckage, but a new agreement is what is needed, especially regarding stand one.

  • bootman

    DUP at 18% Sf at 9%!
    Surely, taht renders anything in the poll highly suspect to say the least

  • Greenflag

    The GFA a.k.a. Sunningdale Mark 2 is dead . The only reason some people cling on to it is because it took ten years to develop the ‘context’ in which 5 years of negotiations took place in order to deliver an Assembly in which the leaders of the two main parties have yet to speak directly to each other .

    Bury the nonsense and be done with it . Roll on ‘rolling ‘ repartition also known as the seven councils redistricting .

  • Poddyman


    I make reference to SF and the DUP because it is these two parties that have the majority vote in their respective communities. IMO, it falls on their shoulders to find a way around any impasse and if they can’t…, the voters will punish them. The middle ground turned away from moderate Unionism and moderate Nationalism and it will turn away from the two extremes in the same way if they don’t come up with the goods. Though it would be easily dismissed as “one survey, not meaning very much”, I think it represents a warning, what might be, a kind of “Christmas Future” so to speak.