Tea healthier than water!!

One of the guys down at the Folk Museum once told a group of us that the Irish drink more tea per head of population than any other group in the world, but some way. I can’t believe that is still true as the coffee bar is now ubiquitous north and south of the border, but it seems our oul wans knew a thing or two about health. Tea is in fact healthier than than water. It’s also good for your teeth!!

  • Animus

    I conced that tea may be somewhat healthy, but I seriously doubt that it’s healthier than water. Children are discouraged from drinking tea because of the issue of iron absorption. Pregnant women are told to limit caffeine intake partly because it’s diuretic and partly because it’s linked to low birthweight babies. Other studies of caffeine have shown that it reduces bone density, so at most, it would seem tea would do bones no harm, but seems unlikely that drinking more would strenghten bones.

    “The Tea Council provided funding for the work. Dr Ruxton stressed that the work was independent.” Sounds like the study last year funded by Pampers that found cloth nappies no better than paper ones, or the evidence that smoking, far from being harmful, is actually quite relaxing!

  • smcgiff

    But is it as good as read wine!!!

    “Red wine may fight deafness”

    I’ve heard (sorry) it all now!


  • Rory

    Smoking tobacco is of course the best preventitive for Alzheimer’s Syndrome but you need to remember where you left your pouch of Old Holborn after last night’s session with the spliff and the Powers’ Gold Label.

    But the best thing of all is to become a Buddhist. Then you just study the tables for longevity and after you peg out from Christian living you come back as a Georgian goat farmer or Japanese fisherwoman and live to be 120.

  • Bushmills


    Old Holborn?!!! Good grief everyone knows the best pipe tobacco is Petersons Sherlock Holmes!