Tackling tensions

Ruth Kelly has called for a “new and honest debate” about diversity. The racial tensions in Northern England and then the 7/7 bombings have made many question the social impacts of multi-culturalism. The growth of minority ethnic communities in Northern Ireland was always slower than in the rest of the UK because of the Troubles and poorer economic performance. The situation has changed significantly over the past decade and the problems of racism have came into clear focus. What can Northern Ireland learn from the debate so that the mistakes are not repeated here?

  • Occasional Commentator

    FD: What can Northern Ireland learn from the debate so that the mistakes are not repeated here?

    I suggest we make sure our debate is not buffeted by the crazy pseudo-debate going on in PC circles in Britain. In the BBC story above it points out that having set up this commission, Kelly has already pre-decided that faith schools are not within the remit of this new commission. This is another dud consultation where our wonderful masters have already made the decision.

    Ignore them and work it out for ourselves.

  • Rory

    Spot on, OC.

    The lady coyly raises her petticoats to allow the white punters a glimpse of the race card discreetly tucked in her garter, quickly drops them and voices her “concerns”. New Labour realise they have the Tories, under the new Cameron lurch to a pretence of “inclusiveness”, on the back foot and won’t be out-flanked by them on pandering to fear this time anyway. The Lib-Dems however are under no such constraints and have a long history of playing dirty.

  • Garibaldy


    we can learn from our own mistakes and not allow the establishment of more faith schools for different religions, like that moron in Downing Street and his incredibly incompetent and lightweight acolyte Ruth Kelly wants. Community relations vitally important etc etc – let’s put the worst minister of the last decade (except perhaps for Harriet Harmon) in charge