How is that review going, Reg?

At the risk of being accused of duplicating the content of not one, but two previous posts, there is an additional point worth highlighting. The PUP’s, and Ulster Unionist Assembly Group member, David Ervine’s interpretation of the UVF publication, as noted by the BBC – “They can speak for themselves but I would like to interpret it that perhaps they are recognising that the war is over” – would, of course, be in no way connected to the statement by the deputy leader of the UUP, Danny Kennedy, that the UUP’s link with the PUP MLA was “under review” Given the threat noted by Gonzo [ btw Sylvia Hermon’s probably deeply distressed – Ed], it may be time to decide if those with whom you are engaged with are being disingenuous… Reg?

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  • na

    FFS all those links and most of them were just Pete Baker previouses. Tedious. Give us news not links to yourself.


  • realist

    yep have to agree – no point to Pete’s thread other than (more) self-promotion.

  • Pete Baker

    Consensus among my critics.. my day is complete.

    As for using Slugger’s extensive archive. I have explained that to you before, na.. But, once again.. slowly – The archive’s there to be utilised.

    But if you don’t want to comment, guys.. just don’t comment. Simple really.

  • realist

    Pete, if your thread adds little or nothing to existing threads, then just don’t inflict it on us- Simple really.

  • Pete Baker

    Well, realist, that’s a point – on whether it adds or highlights something additional to the previous threads – on which we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

  • na

    Fairplay to you Pete, having the time and will to cross reference your own (mostly) and other Slugger blogs is a sign of something.

    Do you do them on paper files or indexed on your PC?

    (My problem is expecting a link to add to a story or issue not just back track to previous narrative guidance from an individual)

  • Pete Baker

    I suspect, na, you’ve mistaken me for someone who blogs for an audience rather than someone who notes my interpretation of events as they occur – the reader can either ignore, agree with, or argue with the points made.. rather than playing the man.

    There’s an additional, and interesting, discussion hovering on the difference between the way newspapers are consumed, as tomorrow’s chip paper, and the way blogs can utilise their own freely available archive – but that’s for another post…

    As for the referencing – hint: the search facility, on the left of screen, is very effective.. and I’m cursed with a good memory.

  • Anyhow your title is misleading – Reg was on holiday when the review was announced! He’ll be in real trouble if the ditch the link next Wed

  • Pete Baker


    Reg had previously said that the link would be under constant review.

    That damned memory again..

  • Pete Baker

    In re: Reg’s comments on the link with the PUP

    “Having said that, we will know relatively quickly whether those with whom we are engaged with are being disingenuous.

    “If they are, then naturally the position will have to be re-assessed and I will not hesitate to do so. This is not an unconditional arrangement.”

  • elvis parker

    Yeah but if they drop it so soon he’ll look like a twat.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    At the very least, it would represent an extremely poor judgment on Sir Reg’s part should the UUP back track on the PUP deal. At best, I think it was a very risky gamble.

  • inuit_goddess

    Hume-Adams took five years.

    Reg has had less than five months.

    Give the guy time.

    Given the heat he’s taking, he wouldn’t be doing what he does without very good reason indeed.

  • bertie

    He had no idea that there would be so much heat, he is that out of touch with the electorate.

  • BooBoo

    Re: Post 13

    “Hume-Adams took five years”

    Yep, and the direct consequence of the`link was the SDLP’s near destruction by Sinn Fein.

    Reg’s links with loyalist paramilitaries go back to the mid-1970s and Vanguard. His recent “open lines” of communication go back to last October, since when he has been in regular contact with the UVF.

    It’s got him absolutely nothing. If he was doing a deal he should have ensured that the UVF delivered something upfront–which could then be built upon.

    The link is untenable. But he’s stuck either way. Stick with it and he will suffer internal problems. Break it and he looks like a twat. All adds up to typically poor judgment and leadership.