Seawright was one of our members- UVF

The UVF, in a new publication listing members killed during the conflict, has claimed the former unionist politician, George Seawright, as one of their members. The Belfast councillor, who had been expelled from the DUP for making sectarian comments, came to prominence due to a number of controversial remarks he made in the 1980s, including one in which he suggested that Belfast City Council should purchase an incinerator “and burn Roman catholics and their priests.” Seawright also caused much furore in the nationalist community when, armed with a gun, he climbed onto the roof of Whiterock Leisure Centre in west Belfast and took down the Irish National flag. George Seawright was killed by the IPLO in 1987. His wife, Elizabeth, served for a while as councillor in Belfast following his killing, before retiring from the political scene. David Ervine discussed Seawright on Talkback today.