Bring Lisa home – Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol will show their support for the Bring Lisa Home Campaign at their week-end concert in Botanic Park. The band will wear the blue ribbons of the campaign on stage and meet with the family.

  • bertie

    not sure if it will actually help the family to find out the truth and bring her home but I still hope that it does and even if it just makes the family fellmore supported then it’s a good thing.

  • Mardy Bum

    The week-end show you mentioned is actually tonight (hurrah for Editors and Ed Harcourt!)

  • loftholdingswood

    I wholeheartedly support the campaign and urge anyone with even the slightest knowledge or concern to come forward and report what they know. This brutal murder could have been my daughter or your daughter and it is vital that the vermin responsible be taken off the streets. If we put ourselves forward as representatives of a certain section of the community and truly want a better future then we have to do all we can to bring this person/these people to book irrespective of any claimed affiliation.

    I greatly respect the fortitude and dignity of the Dorrian family.

  • GrassyNoel

    I deeply sympathise with Lisa’s family & don’t mean to sound cynical but I doubt Lisa’s killer(s) are going to have a sudden change of heart & turn themselves in just because a bunch of sensitive lads with long hair & guitars exhort them to do so.

    …& is it just me or does anyone else think that far from being comparable to Coldplay, Snow Patrol’s ‘new sound’ is more akin to that of Matchbox 20???

  • Realist

    A bonus for Northern Ireland fans travelling to Copenhagen for the forthcoming Euro Qualifier in October – Snow Patrol play Copenhagen on the Monday evening after the game.

    Likely they’ll be at the match itself too, but what a way to finish that particular GAWA excursion.

    Fair play to the band for showing their support for the “Bring Lisa Home” campaign.