The Queen ousted from Ravenhill…

WHEN the Irish rugby team takes on Italy at Ravenhill next August, there will be no rendition of God Save The Queen, with the IRFU insisting on the neutral Ireland’s Call instead. The Union flag will be replaced with the IRFU flag as well. There’s been no complaint from the Ulster branch, but then rugby fans have always been an enlightened bunch(!)

  • John East Belfast


    “whereas Edward Carson ( of the Dublin Carsoni’s (an immigrant Italian family”

    Pull the other one ! – I thought I was reading a Blackadder sketch.

    Carson is a Scottish name

  • Nothing to see here really.

    Same old tired republican agenda of “Brits out”, and we can all see clearly that the “Brits” mean the unionist population of Northern Ireland.

    At least it’s good to see their naked sectarian hatred for all things Protestant, Unionist, or connected to the Crown, clear for all to see.

    I wonder who the b i g o t ‘ s could be? lol

  • Frustrated Democrat

    The opinions of Greenflag, lib2016 and other republicans in this post give some of the best examples of opposition to and lack of respect for protestant/unionist culture that it is possible to find.

    It is their brand of rabid republican politics that ensures that NI will remain in the UK for a very long time to come because the majority (including many catholics) in NI will want it to be that way due to opinions like theirs. Consent is the essence of the GFA and it won’t be forthcoming.

    It must be galling for them to have to live with the fact their leaders signed away a United Ireland in one stroke of the pen and for what? A parliament in Belfast and a few token cross border bodies, what an outcome for the ‘armed struggle’ 3000+ deaths and the hunger strike ‘martyrs’. However that is no excuse for the opinions they daily trot out in Slugger.

    For the record I am Irish, Northern Irish, an Ulsterman and British and proud to be all of them (I am also partly of Hugenot extraction just to complete the picture). Anyone living in Northern Ireland who so wishes can say exactly the same, without any Republican lectures on their version of ‘Irishness’.