NCP Ltd awarded traffic warden contract

NIO minister David Cairns MP has announced that National Car Parks Ltd (NCP) has been awarded the contract for enforcing parking restrictions in Northern Ireland. It’s part of the process of transfering responsibility for parking enforcement from the police to the Department for Regional Development and seems to mean that traffic wardens will now be employed by NCP [looks like that to me – Ed] Interestingly, NCP recently announced that in Brighton and Hove police are to patrol with their parking attendants in some areas. The IT element of the contract has also been awarded to SPUR Information Solutions Ltd “following an equally rigorous IT procurement exercise”…Other information from the Dept Regional Development’s press release

The penalty charge for a parking ticket will be £60 reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days of receiving the ticket. This £30 level is the same as a fixed penalty notice currently issued by the PSNI for parking offences.

The de-clamp fee will be £40 while the cost to recover a vehicle that has been impounded will be £105. These are the same levels used in England and Wales, outside London. In both cases the parking ticket issued must also be paid.

Routine enforcement will be by the issue of penalty charge notices (parking tickets). Clamping and impounding will initially only be used to recover outstanding debt or in circumstances where persistent offenders are a problem.