Just so you know.. again..

According to The Sunday Business Post, someone within the Real IRA has admitted that, once again, they were the republican micro organisation responsible for planting the bomb at the house being built by Dr. Edward Haughey. In the report the RIRA source is quoted as claiming that Dr Haughey, otherwise known as Lord Ballyedmond, was a “legitmate target” because, “He is a peer of the realm and a member of the unionist landed gentry”.. but forgot to mention, as his wikipedia entry and a second SBP report record, that he was nominated to Seanad Éireann by the then Taoiseach, Albert Reynolds in 1994, and was nominated again by Bertie Ahern in 1997.The same Sunday Business Post report recalls a similar reasoning being given for the murder in 1981 of former Ulster Unionist politicians Sir Norman Stronge and his son James.. by the Provisional IRA.

In January 1981, the Provisional IRA shot dead former Ulster Unionist politicians Sir Norman Stronge and his son James on their family estate at Tynan Abbey near Middletown in Co Armagh.

The IRA said it had killed the men because they were ‘‘the symbols of hated unionism’’.

And more of the background detail on Dr Edward Haughey.

The 62-year-old was educated at Kilcurry primary school and at the Christian Brothers School in Dundalk.

In 1964, he emigrated to the United States where he found work in the burgeoning pharmaceutical industry.

He returned to Ireland four years later and established a veterinary pharmaceutical business which prospered, due to the introduction of European Union legislation connected to the safety of veterinary drugs.

Haughey’s company, Norbrook, expanded widely during the next 30y ears and is believed to be the largest producer of veterinary medical products in the world. It exports to 120 countries, making products for nine of the ten largest multinational pharmaceutical companies. It has a workforce of 1,300, with most of its business based around the Newry area.

Outside the pharmaceutical industry, Haughey has business interests in a helicopter company, as well as farming, sports and leisure facilities in Britain and Ireland. He has been involved in a number of high-profile court cases in recent years.

He has had a long association with Fianna Fail and, in 1994, was nominated to the Seanad by then taoiseach Albert Reynolds. In 1997, he was again nominated to the Seanad by Taoiseach Bertie Ahern. In the same year he became a member of the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation and the British/Irish Inter-Parliamentary Body.

He has strong links with the Conservative Party in Britain and has donated several million pounds to the party, including helping to finance the then Conservative Party leader Michael Howard’s use of helicopters to travel around Britain during the last general election campaign. He is also Chile’s honorary consul in the North.