“The unionist problem”

Knowing one’s enemy can be an astute decision in politics, and it never fails to amaze me the extent to which Nationalists remain ignorant of Unionists and how they think. The discussion boards at politics.ie can be an amusing place to browse for ignorance, none better than this:

The Unionist problem, a just and fair solution?

My solution is as follows;

Unionists who wish to be ruled by the union should be voluntary encouraged to immigrate to that state.

It must be rather a burden on de Valera’s mythical Irish nation to be lumbered with such a problem as Unionists, but at least this guy has what he thinks is a reasonable solution. Maybe I’ll write a piece asking Nationalists very nicely to move south if they’re that desperate not to be under British sovereignty. But then again, I’m forgetting, its Unionists who are the problem.

1335 update – as it transpires this was intended to be an ironic response to this thread. I will also add my comment on this thread of 1246:

I only dip into politics.ie every now and again, and never contribute, and it was the fact that this appeared to be the most blatant example of an ignorance to Unionists (rather than the first instance) that prompted me to cover it.