Iranian president starts a blog

The Iranian authorities might not like other people doing it but that won’t be a problem for one new persian blogger, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has apparently started his own blog. However, he seems to be facing some technical difficulties with the new site.

  • smcgiff

    What! No Comments section!!!


  • Fanny

    From the blog:

    ‘Describing himself as a “distinguished student”, the president tells how he excelled at school, coming 132nd out of more than 400,000 students to take a university entrance test – despite suffering from a nose bleed at the time.’

    Am I alone in wondering who gave him the bloody nose?

  • Justin

    Who? More like what, gave him the bloody nose.

  • Ghost of PDN Past

    One can only hope that his site will be changed so that some of the regulars from this site, and the irregulars from those “other” sites, can have a crack at the Prez. Now, THAT would be an enlightening process for him.

  • Justin

    I have a few things to say to him, that’s for sure. I’d like to start with him naming a street Bobby Sands blvd…

  • Intelligence Insider

    Make sure you have extremely good and up to date security software before visiting the site, otherwise your pc will be sent information characteristic of an HTTP MS IE File DragDrop Embed Code Attack.

  • I’m putting him on the blogroll- a head of state is a head of state after all!

  • David

    I thought that his predecessor had named one of Tehran’s streets Bobby Sands Boulevard.

  • Yokel

    Monday-Made big speech saying wipe Israel off the map, got a beard trim.

    Tuesday- Dont you think jews stink? I bet they do, their bomb shelters must have smelt rotten being in there for a few weeks ha ha.

    Wednesday- made a speech on economic growth. My belief is that by wiping out Israel, Iran will become twice as wealthy. Its backed by the Supreme Clerical Council finance & treasury working group.

    Thursday- Went to secret nuclear wepaons development site. Those things look a lot smaller than you’d think. As a present the staff got me a star wars light sabre use when I march into Jerusalem.

    Friday-Great joke at the expense of the Saudis, sent up about 40 jet fighters right into the edge of their airspace. Their reaction was hilarious, scrambling around like mad. They complained and I got carpeted by the Ayatollahs. No sense of humour those Saudis…

  • Yokel

    Saturday- Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzz buzzzzzzzz take that you Zionist swine…light sabre so soooooooo cool.

    A couple of the Ayatollahs have them too, we played Holy Star Wars, I was Luke Nuketalker but Ayatollah Rafsanghani took it way too seriously as Darth Zionist, clunked me on the head with his sabre during the fight for the Temple Mount.

  • justin

    You may be right David. I can’t seem to find the information if support my statement.

  • Colm


    Decided to relax with ‘charlie’ – got another nose bleed….