SEM to go live.. late

In a characteristically upbeat statement, Secretary of State for Wales and Northern Ireland Peter Hain, and Irish Minister for Communications Marine and Natural Resources, Noel Dempsey, have announced a delay in setting up the Single Energy Market[SEM] – Press Association report here. 1st November 2007 rather than 1st July 2007 is now the “go-live” date. That will be more than half way through the 2-year attempt to create a market for renewable energy in NI, assuming Wales doesn’t overtake us that is.. although by that stage the opposition to Peter Hain’s favoured wind farms may have spread. Whatever happens there will be no nuclear component to that market.. at all.. ever.From the NIO statement

Both Governments are fully committed to the creation of an all island energy market which will, through sustained co-operation, best meet the challenges for the island as a whole across the range of energy issues these include improved interconnection, renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy research and development. The Single Electricity Market from 2007 is the key short term priority with work also underway on developing the all-island gas market over time.