micro organisations fire-bomb stores in Newry

Incendiary devices believed to have been used in attacks on stores in Newry last night, completely destroying two stores and severely damaging others, have been attributed to “republican micro organisations” by Sinn Féin, according to the BBC, while the UUP have linked the timng of the attack to the 35th anniversary of internment, and the SDLP have described it as futile. Further report by the Press Association and by RTÉ and, according to the BBC report, there are ongoing security alerts in the area.Updated Confirmed the “republican micro organisations” quote from Conor Murphy’s statement in which he adds..

“I would call on those responsible for this incident to look objectively at the current political situation and to carefully consider your options. This sort of activity does nothing for this community and is an attack on the peace process which is supported by the overwhelming number of people on this island.

“This activity is wrong and should stop.”

And anyone with information about the attacks…?