Hain for the DPM’s job?

Patrick Wintour in the Guardian this morning speculates that Peter Hain may be in the running for the Deputy Prime Minister’s job “some time between this autumn and the next”. Although he has not declared his hand, it is thought he has been courting the trade union vote assiduously, and effectively.


  • “Some time between this autumn and next.” Can’t he be a bit more specific?

  • willis

    You see, there are unionists he can stay awake for!

  • Bushmills


    Very good. Would Brown not prfer someone like Douglas Alexander as DPM? One person I think is totally under-rated and who should be in one of the big four offices soon is Hilary Benn – one of the few in Blairs cabinet to actually conduct himself well in office.

  • T.Ruth

    Is there a “Perkins Principle” of Management?

  • Victim ni

    As long as he doesn’t fall asleep when he is meeting the victims of the london bomb victims like he did do with Raymond McCord