One definite date for the Féile…

As Fair Deal notes, Susan McKay visits the rehearsal set of Gary Mitchell’s latest play, Remnants of Fear. To add a slightly more upbeat note, it’s on in the Rock Theatre on the Whiterock Road, Belfast from tomorrow until 19th August. It’s definitely on my list of things to grab at this year’s Féile.The Irish Times notes these highlights:

he ambitious programme includes music, theatre, readings, debates and events for children. Highlights this year include Echo and the Bunnymen, Afrobeat band Femi Kuti and the Positive Force with Emanuel Jal, readings by Hugo Hamilton and Medbh McGuckian, talks by Brian Kennaway (on the Orange Order), Peter Taylor (on journalism in conflict) and Mohammed Almadhoun, head of the office of the Palestinian prime minister (on Palestine today.) There is a carnival parade, and more unusual events include five-hour guided tour of local graveyards.

Details from or phone 028 9028 4028.

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