Orange in Scotland to offer ‘tolerance’ classes?

Today, page 10, The Times:

The Orange Order is to hold religious tolerance classes for youngsters in the West of Scotland, in a bid to combat sectarianism. The Order, which has about 2,500 members in the region, will invite children to learn about Islam and Catholicism.

Thanks to EE for the heads up!

  • DK

    When are they going to do this over here?

  • Yokel

    DK..when there’s a grant going for it…

  • Setanta

    Surely the riot has to come before the grant?

  • Bushmills

    Cue nationalist begrudgery and ranting.

  • Prince Eoghan

    The OO and Cairde Na hEireann have recently signed a joint pact to help stamp out bigotry. The Scottish public have had enough, the 16yr old Celtic fan who had his throat cut by a self confessed loyalist was I believe the last straw.

    There is now active organisations like nil by mouth, jointly set up by the girlfriend of the murdered boy, who are doing good but inevitably slow work.

  • Proud

    Get this over here, asap. This can only be a good thing.

  • Pleased to hear it. Like the other commenters, I’d like to see them offer it in Northern Ireland.

    @Bushmills: Nationalists have nothing to begrudge – this is a positive thing and maybe they could learn a lesson from it themselves. I’d have expected more outcry from Loyalists to be honest. What next, mixed marriages?

  • D’Oracle

    Typical..and do you think they would even mention judaism here ; its beyond time already time that the Western Isles branch of the Orange order was called upon to prove its not anti-semitic!.

  • Prince Eoghan


    Explain for the ignorant fools like me please.

  • James

    When are Muslims and Catholics going to do the same thing please?

    I’ve yet to hear of a suicide bomber motivated by the Orange Order or the King James Edition. And why is alleged bigotry the result of Christian evangelism? Once again the O.O. playing into the hands of its opponents.

    How about telling the Catholics and Muslims to stuff their notions of ‘tolerance’ where they belong?

  • Prince Eoghan

    Calling the OO in Scotland.

    One ticket to your tolerance class for james please, in fact make that a season ticket;¬)

  • James

    Thanks for that, ‘tonykenny’ (22).

    The question isn’t one of tolerance but of immigration. If we had sifficient barriers up to keep the buggers out in the first place we wouldn’t need to worry about this passé issue of inter-faith/cultural tolerance.

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    I had a few complaints that some legit commenters could not get into Slugger, so I gave ‘the banned’ an amnesty. I remember now why James was put on the permanently banned list.