Down with this sort of thing…

Newt gets quote of the week (subs needed):

Moves are afoot to brand the SS Nomadic as unacceptably Protestant. Research confirms that this entirely non-sectarian campaign is fully justified. The Nomadic was commandeered as an allied troop-carrier during both World Wars, thus supporting the Anglo-American imperialist hegemony. She was propelled by two screws, which is clearly a one-sided tribute to prison officers; and her last duty as a tender was serving the Queen Elizabeth. Down with this sort of thing etc.

  • bootman

    Is it supposed to be funny or something?

  • Peking

    Yes, Mick has thing for Newt. I can’t see why, everything of his I read reminds me of third-form at school.

  • John Maynard

    Well, I laughed.

  • Urquhart

    I’m sorry that we don’t have the chance to enjoy your much more sophisticated wit Peking.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Didn’t one of the Daily Ireland opinion pieces call for the Maidstone to have some kind of memorial. It was indeed a prison ship, but presumably republicans won’t mind it the tribute includes a memorial to all the British servicemen who died on her in the War before it was refitted…

  • Scipio

    Given the nautical theme shouldn’t the first comment have been from Das Bootman?

  • Pete Baker

    I thought the post title was familiar

    *harrumph* ;o)