One more gothic hall blown open?

Guido leaves this delightfully cryptic message on my last piece at the Comment is Free site. Courtesy of the John Prescott blog reportage (and determination to stir things up), his readership is now bigger than the Guardian’s flagship steer into the heart of the blogosphere. So, no live links, and therefore no sharing his readership. His comments, as he pointedly remarks, are not for free. For those still slow in getting it, Charles Moore in last week’s Spectator (subs needed):

The political blogs of Iain Dale and Guido Fawkes boast this week that each now receives more hits than the official websites of either the Labour or the Conservative parties. This breakthrough seems to have been accomplished by their reports of John Prescott’s love life. Although politicians have much to worry about from these sites, I suspect that lobby journalists have even more. As Guido (real name, Paul Staines) himself points out, the parliamentary lobby has, by its nature, a tendency to conspire with politicians to produce a ‘line’.

It controls the flow of information and is bound to collude with the suppliers of that information, the politicians themselves. For years, attempts have been made to break up the lobby but these have never worked because there has been no workable alternative conduit. Now there is, or soon will be. The lobby takes its name from the physical place where the journalists stood to meet MPs. Today the web is usurping that gothic hall, creating an infinitely bigger and much less safe place.