Nomadic no more..

So much for the extended Newsline edition on Monday featuring live coverage of the SS Nomadic returning to Belfast docks.. The BBC report that it’s already arrived! Better photos and coverage here. The former White Star Line ship (they sold her in 1927) which we bought the Department of Social Development bought on our behalf [without telling us – Ed] for €250,001 at an auction in Paris in January is to stay at the docks until Monday when it will go on show near the Odyssey Centre for a few days before moving to a dry dock at Harland and Wolff.. go and see how much work has to be done. It’s been estimated that the restoration will cost £7million and according to the minister responsible, David Hanson, the charitable trust to co-ordinate the fund-raising will be in place by September.. I’d like to see frequent updates on how the fundraising’s going. [some chance – Ed]