My final words on the 12th for 2006

Taking my cue from Paul Goggins, (would he be a TD or an MP, I wonder), I thought I would reflect on an aspect of the 12th as well.

I hope you’ve all had a chance to see some of the magical contributions on Flickr from people like Moochin Photoman, Howard, Laurence Cooley and myself on the 12th coverage. (sorry if I missed anyone) I think the flurry is over now, but I thought it was reporting that my site had over 4,000 views in the 48 hours of the posting. That amazes me, and demonstrates not only the interest, but some potential as well.

For anyone who read the earlier posts, Big Ian won with 560 views, Marty in 2nd place with 231, the Orange Arse slipped into third with 183 views. The Cute Hoor at Belfast City Hall surprised me by creeping up to 180 views… and her not even marching!

  • willis

    Hope you checked out your copyright!

  • Penelope

    It’s not the fact the *cute hoor* is marching that elicits…err… perhaps that should be solicits… so much attention… it’s more the bending over what does it 😉 🙂

  • joeCanuck

    Well at least she’s not pretending to be leaning over backwards to satisfy anyone

  • Sarah

    Miss Fitz – I took a minute to view your pictures and they are all wonderful. It’s ironic that the such beautiful landscape and nature shots are captured on the same island and in the same time frame that boasts people building and burning 50 foot high piles of rubble and the militaristic murals with the guns and masks.

    Also saw the US flag in one of the marches. What is up with that?