Playing through Northern Ireland…

Ach here, what a job. Nice travel piece in the NYT for Golfing in Northern Ireland. Great pics too.


  • random punter

    “even at Royal County Down, the most socially exclusive club in Northern Ireland”

    i thought all the hoyty toyty went that place in hollywood Royal Belfast?

    never played Portrush, a ruff hacker like me would loose about 100 balls, but im sure the Clubs rub their hands together in glee when they see the Yanks decend apoun the Pro shop! good luck to them.

    its nice to see good press for NI that is genuiely deserved for once, rather than the fake ireland tourist drivel.

  • Moochin photoman

    Now thats a proper roving modus operandi !

    Great little piece and the photos are very good, tho i noted that a quarter of them were of food related shots.

  • Mick Fealty

    The lost balls shots were the ones that brought back the clearest memories for me. Royal Belfast (the first golf club in Ireland, est 1882) started in Holywood but is now in Craigavad.

  • Moochin photoman

    Bit of a confession here, the 6th hole at Tandragee is named after me da, i have very vivid memories of the old clubhouse there, me stuffing meself with, what else but, tayto cheese n onion and club orange(with lots of bits)

  • Penelope

    Great article… almost made me want to take golf lessons and the photos were wonderful to see!!!

    I was just back in Belfast to visit my partner last these past couple of weeks. A week ago we were walking along the coast from the Culloden to Crawfordsburn County Park. When my partner and I passed the Royal Belfast course I thought to myself…”Damn too bad I don’t play golf, this looks awesome!”

  • Penelope

    “Great little piece and the photos are very good, tho i noted that a quarter of them were of food related shots.”

    Moochin ~ I put a bunch of photos my recent trip in an o/l ablbum for my friends to see. The one shot I took of a wee Irish *carver* lunch I had in Dublin has had 10 times more views then all my other shots, 50 to 5 on average for my other photos of scenic shots of Belfast and Dublin.. go figure!!

    Oh yes…this wee lunch?? Maybe all the hist came because it was of plate full of roasted turkey and honey ham w/ gravy, oven roasted carrots, potatoes and parsnips, sage stuffing, cabbage & leeks, cranberry sauce… I think I now know the roots of the our American Thanksgiving feast!!!

  • Moochin photoman


  • Penelope

    Moochin… no… they were on another website’s community album but have created a Flickr account so you could see, my name on it is Penelope_CA 🙂

    please forgive my horrid spelling yesterday… this was after the Germany World Cup match and I’d had a few. Found me a Irish bar here in San Diego that actually feels like a real pub instead of a micky mouse tourist/corporate version… not surprising for I found out the owners are from Belfast… they do up a proper Ulster fry all right!! 🙂